• FC Artificial Grass FC Artificial Grass
    FC artificial grass yarn is a cheaper fibrillated tape product suitable for landscaping applications.
  • FS Artificial Grass FS Artificial Grass
    FS artificial grass yarn is a performance fibrillated tape product suitable for sports and landscaping applications. FS artificial grass yarn has been designed to consistently outperform competing sli...
  • FT Artificial Grass FT Artificial Grass
    FTartificial grass yarn is a cheaper fibrillated tape product, which is curled to provide desirable properties in the artificial turf. Our curly FT is produce by crimping in air or steam tunnels.It wi...
New Arrival
  • Earth is calling… And We have a solution
    On eighth January, more than 600 delegates attended Rode Loper 2018 in Hengelo. The match used to be organised through the vicinity of Twente to supply neighborhood entrepreneurs and organizations the...
  • How Three Sports Came Together Over Artificial Turf
    World Rugby, the Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH) and FIFA have had a memorandum of appreciation in region for a quantity of years with the frequent goal of making sure high exceptional syn...
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