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XT artificial grass yarn sets the standard for the resilience and performance.  XT that look and feel great and literally stands up to intensive play. Unlike other monofilaments that only look good when new,  XT provide the soft, resilience, playability, durability and looks you need when other products remain lying flat.

XT owes its special characteristics both to its innovative chemical composition and its specific morphology.
XT based on a new polymer, which gives the yarn greater resistance to breakage and wear.
In addition, it is equipped with specific UV stabilizers formulation, which significantly improves its resistance to solar radiation and is lubricated that minimizes the abrasion on the player.
Thanks to the stem shape with 320 μm thick spines, the XT offers a high degree of resilience or dimensional memory.

This significantly reduces the wear of the yarn and produces better performance in terms of rolling and bouncing of the ball.

The right choice for high performance sports fields, professional or otherwise

Great playability: the surface retains superior ball roll after extensive use
Better resilience: artificial turf yarn continue to return to the upright position after extended play
Much better look & feel: the yarn retain their unequaled look & feel
Reduced glare: due to dispersed light reflection
Excellent UV performance


  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • Mini soccer
  • Commercial and residential Landscape
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