Are all types of synthetic turf the same?

No, as synthetic turf technological know-how evolves the vary of merchandise grows. The first synthetic turf merchandise have been without a doubt developed in the 1960s with the first major set up at the Houston Astrodome in 19966 which means artificial turf has been in use for 50 years.

The first era of surfaces were short pile (12 -15mm) dense non-filled surfaces, manufactured the usage of a knitting approach from nylon yarn. This type of floor has evolved and is now used for sports such as hockey, cricket and lawn bowls.

In the Seventies the second generation of surfaces have been developed. The piles of these surfaces had been more open and longer (20 -25mm) and relied on a sand infill to assist the pile and hold it standing upright. Used considerably for a vary of sports these surfaces pioneered the growth of neighborhood use synthetic sports activities fields at some point of Europe.

The 0.33 technology of surfaces had been developed in the late 1990s. With even longer pile lengths (50 – 70mm) and even greater open constructions, the surfaces contain a combo of infills that grant the desired cushioning and sports activities performance properties. It is this shape of surfacing that has considered the acceptance of artificial turf by sports such as soccer and rugby and created the increase in artificial turf that now permits excessive quality, excessive depth use sports activities fields to be furnished in locations and climates that formerly may want to no longer consider playing on something that was vaguely like a natural grass field.